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Psychedelic Man-Of-War by Aaron Ansarov

The Portugese Man-of-War is an static creature, its only mobility provided by the swaying tidal forces. When one gets washed up on the beach, its only hope is it to get washed back into the rolling waves, otherwise they’re dead. But sometimes they may get picked up by Aaron Ansarov (with rubber gloves of course since their sting hurts like a sumbitch), who takes them back to his studio and splats them down on a light table, illuminating their naturally translucent bodies which he then mirrors in Photoshop. The result kinda looks like a tripped-out kaleidoscope that just vomited out its own intestines (And to the concerned readers at home: Aaron always transports the creatures safely and returns them to the beach when they’re done seductively distending their tentacle-y appendages).

Artist: Website (via: Wired)

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